Alushel Oy website

Alushel Oy website

Customer: Alushel Oy
Technology: WordPress
Objective: New fresh look
Started: 9/2015
Finished: 2/2016

Alushel Oy asked us to redesign their website during the fall of 2015. The last site was also built by ILJOJA Networks in the beginning of 2000. It was time to give the site a new modern look that would last for years. The key objectives were to provide easy access for the customer to edit the site content as flexably as possible and to provide marketing value for the customer.

Technology behind the solution

The site is based on WordPress CMS. We customized a theme based on the design selected by the customer. The site layout was required to be responsive so that it would work on a desktop monitor and scale down to tablets and mobile phones.

Responsive code

Hosting solution

ILJOJA Networks itself provided the hosting solution. It’s based on their PALVELIMET.NET trademark services. The solution is based on a high-availability cluster services. They are able to provide integration to the customer’s CRM system to provide data also to the future customer portal.