Jorvas Hightec Center (JHC) – IT Services

ILJOJA Networks partners with Datania Osuuskunta to provide Network Maintenance and IT Support Services in Jorvas Hightec Center (JHC). Customer network infrastucture is maintained by ILJOJA Networks.

We also provide JHC customers with additional services including but not limited to those mentioned below. If your company resides in JHC facilities, please contact us for any further IT services you may require.

Virtual Local Area Networks without any customer owned network infrastructure. This enables businesses to focus on their primary business without the need for maintaining their own network infrastructure. Pricing depends on the complexity of the network but is considered very inexpensive.

IT Support services provided through PALVELIMET.NET Service Desk are available for all businesses in JHC. Service Level Agreements are negotiable between ILJOJA Networks and the customer. Contacting the Service Desk requires an invoicing agreement.

We also provide JHC customers the ability to use our Datacenter services with special pricing. Contact us about the price list.

Jorvas Hightec Center

Customer: Royal Canin Finland
Services: Maintenance, Service Desk, SLA
Objective: Network Maintenance and ITĀ ServicesĀ for Customers
Started: 11/2011
Finished: Active contract