Royal Canin Finland – IT Support Services

ILJOJA Networks provides Royal Canin Finland with customized Service Desk services for their users. The helpdesk provides service for about 30 users in Finland. IT Support is provided for both office users and road warriors.

Royal Canin Finland is part of the international Royal Canin which is a global leader in pet health nutrition. Its mission is to constantly bring the most precise nutritional solution for cats’ and dogs’ health nutrition needs by building on constantly deepened scientific knowledge. Royal Canin is part of the family of Mars, Incorporated.

Efficient Service Desk services in the root of IT Support

Helpdesk services are provided as part of PALVELIMET.NET services including both remote and onsite support. Most of the cases are solved within 20 minutes after their arrival. All cases are taken care of under the Service Level Agreement (SLA) approved by both parties.

To provide efficient service we our Service Desk is based on ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 standards. This allows us to regularly review our service with our customers and further develop our procedures. In turn this adds to our customer satisfaction.

Open documentation

We drive for open, clear and accessible documentation. All cases are carefully documented. This way we are able to use the collected knowledge and solutions to solve future cases minimizing the overhead cost.

Case data is also accessible for the customer IT personnel to review. This helps the customer to provide feedback if they feel that something could be done more efficiently.

Cost-effective Installation Services

Workstations and laptops are preinstalled in our facilities and delivered to the customer site during onsite visits. Software and hardware selections are standardized for the users. This enables a very low installation costs per computer.

Integration Development Services

We also provide Integration Development Services together with Code Maintenance services for Royal Canin Finland. Our code handles countless of orders every month. Third party disruptions are automatically reported to Service Desk for handling.

Emergency Services

In case of a breakdown of a business-critical server or hardware devices we provide customized emergency service. Services include onsite visits of IT professionals and rental devices if needed.

Royal Canin Finland

Customer: Royal Canin Finland
Services: Service Desk, Installation, Development, Maintenance, Emergency, SLA
Objective: Cost-effective IT Support
Started: 10/2014
Finished: Active contract